This is the Full Life All Stars blog! Full Life is a creative, recreational and vocational day program for adults with developmental differences located in Portland, OR.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tech Street... FIRST POST!!!

Hi Everyone!

Here's a little update on Tech Street, a side project of Full Life.

We've got 9 guys now, filling up our little room with lots of laughter and unique conversations. You may have seen us as you walk to the bathroom from the Full Life Cafe in the back room.

Lately we've been listing and selling books on Amazon.com. Many of our books were donated by the Full Life owner, Rachel Bloom, and many were picked from the Goodwill Bins in South East Portland. In the month of January we've made around $60 after all the usual Amazon charges and the cost of shipping. It's a pretty exciting thing, brining money back into the Tech Street program while flexing our computer, business, teamwork, and employment skillz. We look forward to more work opp's that will do this in the future, so let us know if you hear of anything!

You may have seen the monthly dance flyers and newsletters we've created for the Full Life front desk. We are also creating and passing out flyers for the Cafe in hopes to promote more walk-in's from outside our immediate community. Let us know if you'd like any flyers made for birthdays, show's, etc. We also do brochures!

Well. It was nice talking. Drop by anytime and say hello!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Shoot/Suit/Boot/Hooooot

Here at Full Life we are an array of fashionable folks. We wear ski suits, trench coats, wigs, gowns, armor, shiny shoes, overalls, and everything else we have in our closets. Last week we made backgrounds, learned how to pose, and had a really good time making some fantastically weird portraits.

We made a house (it's haunted)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Full Life Film Club review: HOME ALONE 2

The Full Life Film Club just finished watching Home Alone 2 and wrote a review together:

We like Home Alone 2. It was great.

Our favorite parts are when Kevin throws bricks at the bad guys and when the tool box falls down the stairs, crashes through the door and squishes the bad guys noses. We also like the scene where Kevin sets the rope on fire. We also like it when the bad guys fall in the hole in the house and when one of them gets hit on the head with a bag of cement. It's funny when one of the bad guys gets his head on fire.

The best part is the end, when Kevin gets reunited with his Mom.

The Bird Lady is the best. We love her. She is our favorite character, except for Kevin and the toy store owner who gives Kevin two turtle doves.

We learned three lessons from Home Alone 2:

1) Christmas should have Christmas trees, not palm trees.

2) If you see the bad guys, call the cops.

3) It's better to be with your family than alone.

Home Alone 2 gets sixteen thumbs up!